The Belarusan Museum of New York is hosting a new art exhibition "Art Against Dictatorship"

The exhibition has already been shown in the Estonian Parliament in Tallinn, at the headquarters of the German Marshall Fund of the United States in Washington D.C., and, from April 1st, 2009, the exhibit will continue in the Fund for American Studies in Washington D.C.

The creative forces behind the exhibition are the famous Belarusian artists  Ales Marachkin, Ales Shaternik, Rygor Batalionak, Mikola Kupava ,  as well as young artists Yanka Romanovitch, Yury Platonau, and artists of the new wave of the Belarusian  Diaspora abroad such as Yelena Tylkina and Julia Shaternik.

The exhibition includes 37 paintings, in addition to graphic works by Mikola Kupava, and a bronze bust sculpture of Vasil Bykau by Ales Shaternik (2005). Ales Marachkin, the famous master of conceptualism, presents his well-known paintings “The Wall”, “Russian Chastooshka”, “Cain and Abel” among others.  

Ales Shaternik besides his sculptural work of a famous Belarusian writer as shown by his deep reflection about the destiny of his country, also presents paintings of Belarusian historical and architectural monuments such as “Church of St. Apostles Peter and Paul in Minsk” and “Germanavichi Church”. 

The works of the younger artists stand out for their unusual skill and depth of thought. For example, Yanka Ramanovich’s “The Boundary” shows a wooden fence as a real boundary, border.   
Julia Shaternik shows herself as a fine master of pictorial composition. Her triptych “Kalinouski Square” tells about the new history of Belarus and its choice whether to move forward toward freedom and democracy, or to stop where it is and remain excluded from civilized life.
Belarusan Museum