Julia Shaternik is the daughter of renowned sculptor and artist Ales Shaternik. She was born in 1982 in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.  She is a fine artist/graphic designer currently residing in Northern New Jersey. Julia has been painting since early childhood, and started exhibiting her works in 2000. In 2004, she received a MFA from Belarusan State University of Culture. The same year she moved to the US.
In October of 2006 she already had a personal exhibition in the Museum of Russian Contemporary Art (Jersey City, NJ).
Julia paints in different styles, ranging from non-objective abstract to neo-impressionism. For the last three years she has created a large body of paintings, which combine both figurative and cubist approaches. Compositions which show elegant female silhouettes, musical instruments and flowers, all within the context of interior settings.  Her favorite medium is oil on canvas, although she sometimes uses acrylic.

Through her work she hopes to draw the public attention to the woman’s role in art. Showing that women are more than capable of bringing beauty and love to the world through art.

Julia’s works have been exhibited in the US Congress(Washington DC), Estonian Parliament (Tallinn, Estonia), City Hall(Oslo, Norway),the Museum of Russian Contemporary Art (Jersey City, NJ), the Belarusan Museum (Brooklyn, New York), German Marshall Fund of the United States (Washington DC, USA), Fund for American Studies(Washington DC, USA), the Belarusan National Palace of Art (Minsk, Belarus), Art Expo 2007-2009(Manhattan, New York), Expo Art 2008 (Montréal, Canada), Walsh Gallery (Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ),Picasso Gallery(Washington DC,USA), Lana Santorelli Gallery (New York, NY), Van der Plas Gallery (New York, NY), Gallery 402 (New York, NY), Sarah Jessica Gallery (Provincetown, MA), Jade Nectar Gallery (South Hampton, NY), La Flor Gallery (Cranford, NJ), International Stella Gallery (Paris, France) and other galleries. Her works can also be found in number of private collections in the USA, Italy, Israel, Estonia, Canada and Belarus.

She is a honorary member of "Pahonia" artist group of Belarusan Artists Union and the Art Students' League of New York.