On May 15th 2024 MoRa Art Museum in collaboration with Tenri cultural institute of New York opened Ales and Julia Shaternik exhibition “A Song of Springtime.”

This was a special father-daughter art exhibition at the Tenri Cultural Institute gallery. Julia Shaternik and her father, Ales Shaternik, showcased their stunning artwork together. Ales Shaternik, a renowned Belarusian-American sculptor, infuses monumental sculptures and captivating paintings with neo-impressionist flair. As a dissident artist, he advocates for artistic freedom. Julia, a professional artist, specializes in unique floral compositions, elegant figures, and abstract. Their global exhibitions reflect a deep passion for art and creativity. Based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Ales and Julia continue to shape the art world with their unique perspectives and unwavering commitment to artistic excellence. Living across the street from where renowned artist Andrew Wyeth used to live, adds a touch of inspiration to their artistic journey.

The public experienced the dynamic artistry of Julia and Ales Shaternik.