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Kurapaty: A. Shaternik restored “Clinton’s bench”
 Radio Free Europe reports, that a memorial symbol “from the people of United States of America to the people of Belarus for remembrance” or so called “Clinton’s bench” today was installed once again in Kurapaty.
Memorial to Maksim Garetski and Natallya Arsenneva in Vilnus
 On October 6th in Vilnius (Lithuania) on the building of the former Belarusian gymnasium they opened memorial commemorative plaques dedicated to the famous figures of Belarusian national revival Maksim Garetski (Maksim Harecki) and Natallya Arsenneva (Natalla Arsiennieva). The tablets were made by Belarusian sculptor Ales Shaternik. Some Belarusian scientists and artists (Radzim Garetski, Khfedar Nyunka, Leakadzia Milash, Alena Makouskaya and the author of the tablets Ales Shaternik) made speeches during celebration on this occasion.
450th anniversary of Lev Sapega
   450th anniversary of Lev Sapega, the Chancellor of the Grand Dutchy of Lithuania  (04.04.1557 — 07.07.1633) was celebrated at the St. Cyril of Turau Cathedral. During this event the painting of Lev Sapega by Belarusan artist Ales Shaternik was presented to the audience. 
Monument to Balyaslau Yalavetcki

On August 5, 2007 in Lyntupy (Pastavy district) a monument to Balyaslau Yalavetski was opened. He was an excellent engineer-inventor, railroadman, employer, statesman of then Russian empire. His name has been written with the golden letters in the Petersburg Engineering Academy.

Balyaslau Yalavetcki is native of Svientsianski land, his estate was situated in 30 verst (about 30 km/19 miles) from Lyntupy. In the end of 19th century, accurately in 1897 the railroad in Lyntupy started running. Station Lyntupy was an important railroad link, which started embracing western lands of Russian empire and began to connect it with Europe. With Yalavetcki’s active participation a way from Danbas even to Liflyandiya (Livonia) was projected in order to broaden the commercial paths of the empire of that time. 

Ales Shaternik took part in artists' gathering to protect the historic part of Hrodna

ImageOn the 10th of June an international artists' gathering took place in Hrodna, Belarus. The main goal of the gathering was to protect the historic part of the town from destruction. Many well known artists took place in this activity among them Ales Marachkin, Ales Shaternik, Mihail Amnipadystau, Ales Pushkin, and other young artists

Exhibition of “Pahonia” group

 In Minsk in the palace of culture of Belarusian Artists Union an exhibition of the group of artists “Pahonia” is being held with great success. The exhibition is symbolically called “Razam” (Together). It means together with those who wasn’t indifferent to the fortune of their own country, who believed in its future, in reviving its national consciousness. Jazep Drazdovich, Petr Sergievich, Mihail Seuruk, Lavon Barazna, Jaugen Kulik are among the famous participants.

The exhibitions of the group of artists “Pahonia” are traditionally dedicated to the Liberty Day (March, 25) and after several years of break eventually a cultural event was organized in the spring of 2007. The exhibition starts with the outstanding works “Zvon Svabody”,”Chernobyl Zvon” and “Zvon Kurapacki”.

Ales and Julia Shaternik took part in the 1st Exhibition of The Belarusan Museum
  Belarusan Museum logo 
 On March 25th, The Belarusian Museum has opened its first exhibition in the ceremony hall of the St. Cyril's Turau Cathedral in New York. The exhibitions features the well known Belarusian artists such as Yladzimer Sylkoysky, Jagor Batalienak, Genadzj Drazdoy, Mihail Karpuk, Ales and Julia Shaternik. The opening of the show of Belarusian art work on March 25th is very significant because this is the day when Belarusian people gained their independence and declared the creation of Belarusian Republic for the first time in the history. Belarusian people who lives in USA found in this exhibition a relief which evoked memories and brought them closer to their homeland.
Julia Shaternik at Artexpo New York 2007

Julia Shaternik is taking part in Art Expo Show 2007 1-5 March. Artexpo New York – the world’s largest fine and popular art fair – provides limitless exhibition opportunities for galleries, publishers, art dealers and artists that offer paintings, sculpture, photography, etchings, works on paper, glass, decorative arts, digital arts, and more.

The Artexpo New York tradition extends more than a quarter-century, and today attracts nearly 40,000 fine art trade buyers and New York City collectors in search of the emerging trends in the fine art world.

Julia is presenting a collection of her latest female figures paintings. Her booth number is 227. You are welcome to come and see her art work.

Father/Daughter artists to exhibit together in the Seton Hall University

 Artists Ales Shaternik and Julia Shaternik will exhibit their dynamic art at the Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University in the second floor gallery.  Their paintings will be on display from March 14 through May 27, 2007.  An opening reception will take place on Thursday, April 19th from 5 PM to 8 PM.  The opening reception and exhibition are free and open to the public.  The show is composed of 12 works that demonstrate the virtuosity of the artists in oil paint.

The elder Shaternik’s work consists of five landscapes that are vivid and full of energy which is demonstrated through his vibrant use of color and vigorous brushstrokes.  His daughter Julia exhibits seven paintings that are figurative and skillfully express her talent for balancing color, shape and line.  Both artists hail from Minsk, the capital of Belarus.  Ales received his training at the Belarusian Theatre and Art Institute (1967), while Julia received her MFA from Belarusan State University of Culture in 2004.  Both artists have a comprehensive record of international exhibitions and are in numerous private and museum collections

Two personal exhibitions in the Museum Of Russian Contemporary Art


Aleksandr Shaternik is a leading sculptor in Belarus and one of the most famous artists there. His works are present in many private collections in Europe, the USA, and also in State Tretiakow Gallery (Moscow), Zimmerly Museum (New Brunswick, NJ), and in many museums in Belarus. Also, one of his works is in the White Hose in Washington. Current exhibition will present Aleksandr Shaternik’s impressionist paintings including American, Italian, and Belarusian landscapes.

His daughter Julia Shaternik has been living in New Jersey for the past two years. She got her primary art education in Minsk, Belarus. She started exhibiting her paintings there. Julia has continued to study at the Art students League of New York and at the same time painting and showing her works in galleries in New York City and throughout New Jersey. She had already exhibited her paintings in our museum twice.

International Exhibition in the Museum Of Russian Contemporary Art

In the past, our museum has already organized similar events. In particular, we had joint Russian-American and
Russian-Georgian-American expositions. And now we are opening an international exhibition that presents artists from Russia, Byelorussia, Georgia, France and the US.

Among Russian artists there are those who work and live all around the world – in Russia, the USA, France, Israel, Canada and Ukraine. Along with well- known artists as Oscar Rabin, Anatoly Zverev, Vladimir Jakovlev, Boris Zaborov, Oleg Tselkov, this show will introduce their young colleagues from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Paris, Nizhni Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Novokuznetsk, Kharkov, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Jerusalem, Zaparozhja.

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